Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Sessions- Get registered!

Hi Everyone!

We had a great time with the Summer sessions-  Raggle Taggle is a beautiful room to draw in (Thanks, Alan!)
Here's the info for the Fall sessions.  Please reply if you're interested-  I'm hoping for 10 people to sign up!

10 two hour sessions , Monday evenings
7:30-9:30 p.m.
17th of September to 26th of November
(no session on 29th October Bank Holiday)
At The Raggle Taggle Gallery
on the corner of Sarsfield St. and Henry St.

Professional models
Untutored- Draw however you like!

100 euro prepaid
12 euro per session pay as you go
Deposits being taken

To register and ask questions:
086 2358463

Check us out on FACEBOOK:
Returning members (those who prepaid for 2012 sessions) will split remaining costs after payments have been made by new prepaid members.
  1. Mark Heng (returning member)
  2. Marie-Clare Boothman (returning member)
  3. Ann Moloney (returning member)
  4. Gerry Fenniman (new member)
  5. Fionnuala Quigley (new member)
  6. Charlotte Leeder (returning member)
17 Sept:  PAYG:
  1. Ailish Chawke
  2. Michael McMahon
  3. Maliheh Zafarnezhad
24 Sept:  PAYG:
  1. Maliheh Zafarnezhad
  2. Rosemary Moone 
1 Oct: PAYG
  1.  Maliheh Zafarnezhad
  2. Jamie Sheehan
  3. Lucy O'Sullivan 
8 Oct: PAYG
  1. Carla Burns
15 Oct:PAYG
  1.   Maliheh Zafarnezhad
  2. Jamie Sheehan
22 Oct: PAYG
  1. Jamie Sheehan 
29 Oct- No session.  5 Nov- No Guests.

12 Nov: PAYG
  1. Jamie Sheehan 
19 Nov: PAYG
  1. Jamie Sheehan
  2. Darragh Corrigan
26 Nov (Last Session of the season): PAYG
  1. Darragh Corrigan
16 PAYG= 192 euro collected.
120 payed out to returning members.
32 to be payed to Raggle Taggle
40 to slush fund:  97.20
16.61 Spring Post Ad.
Slush fund now- E80.59  (14 January)
10 for Spring session flyers
Slush fund now E70.59 (24 January)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boston Figurative Art Center

Wouldn't it be cool if there was something like this in Limerick?
I have some friends in Boston who take part in it, and I've seen amazing results from them.


From the "About Us" page:

Our goal is to provide a physical and virtual meeting place for figurative artists in Boston. We like diversity of approach, aesthetic, and philosophy, but we all share the desire to make better pictures by working at our craft and talking with one another. We want to provide artists who paint and draw the figure an artistic location that is neither overly academic nor dominated by current trends. Though we meet regularly to draw and paint from the model, this is not just a drop-in group. The BFAC believes that if talented artists come together as a movement, we can change the art culture. Don't come expecting only to get  -  come to give and be a part of something.

The Boston Figurative Art Center (BFAC) formed from a group of artists who were enrolled or were considering enrolling in graduate school, but who believed they could achieve a better, more specifically tailored community without the high price.
The Center is part of a trend toward re-establishing guild and atelier-like structures in which professional artists can share knowledge, support and compete with one another. Students can learn about the tools and crafts that are specific to the form of art that they intend to pursue in their professional lives. There is no promise of an empty degree, or a non-existent job, or indeed even of success; only the promise of community and the valuing of real and germane artistic knowledge. To draw and paint well one mostly has to practice and learn by observing how others succeed, and we want to provide an environment that matches that reality.